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Shading systems


Slats of extruded aluminium pre-lacquered standard color swatch book. Gear motor control provided with an end-stroke unit, connector and Stack socket (except push-button panel); extruded aluminium guides of 80x48 mm with natural slats holder and fixing clips of stainless steel, 37°grade. REMOTE CONTROL FOR THE CONTROL OF SLATS AND RADIO RECEIVER EXCLUDED.

Insulating box designed to lodge shades, plaster/ plaster provided with side profiles of 85 mm designed to lodge the window and wood shading systems.


Insulated box for shading systems made of EPS 250-D 0.035-B1 with side profiles of 104 mm. With PVC supports, channel designed to lodge the shade’s guide of 83x38 mm, area designed to lodge the “Oltre Luce” window formed by plates of compact polyurethane, bottom side designed to lodge the sill, upper box of a variable height with space designed to lodge the shade and upper support of polyurethane and zinc-coated steel sheets; all 4 sides are refined with a spray finish to fix the plaster.