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Aluminium SBR 25 Adjustable

Shutters formed by profiles of aluminium alloy 6060 (UNI 3569-66). Assembly of the profiles with little aluminium set squares that provide a perfect anchoring of the different parts. The shutter consists of a single profile working as an openable frame (panel) with a thickness of 48 mm and a width of 79 mm. The 23 mm thick perimeter of the panel that beats on the frame is provided with a perimetral seal. Slats’ movements are controlled by a MINICRIC handle that is delivered to you in pieces and must be fixed on slats. On French doors there is one rail and lower slats can be adjusted following the procedure mentioned above. The standard hardware equipment includes: MAICO’s black espagnolette with locking system in a "shingle" type position; Black concealed hinges with chemical anchoring.

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