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Roller Shutters


Aluminium alloy EN AW 6060 profiles in accordance with the regulation UNI EN 12020-2 (2002). Provided with: extruded bottom edge profile of 101.15 mm inclusive of telescopic extruded profile with brush, adjustable shutters made of an extruded profile of 62x11.9 mm and 0.9 mm thickness joined though an aluminium profile called “hook”. Painting with polyurethane resin and polyamide. Provided with: guides for shutter’s scrolling, junctions to the roll tube and stoppers. Gear motor with mechanical end-stroke unit – roll tube of 60 mm and 70 mm provided with squared pivot of 10x10 mm and 14x14 mm, motor and slats' arm, adapters, stay with bearings, octagonal tube and cap.
365x300 mm insulated box of EPS 250. With internal iron supports designed to lodge the rolling system, provided with telescopic octagonal tube, removable panel of fiber cement and EPS, provided with side profiles of XPS and fiber cement designed to lodge a window of spruce wood, sill’s grade to be defined. Wall thickness 38 cm.