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Windows and French Doors


Rigid unplasticized PVC windows and doors, modified with impact modifying polymeric additives and free of mineral and organic fillers, in accordance with DIN 7748.
Doors and windows are made by profiles joined by poly-fusion welding without adding different materials than the profile itself. All profiles are duly reinforced by molded profiles of zinc-coated steel inserted in specific chambers that are conveniently separated from the dranage to avoid any contact with water.
The hardware of windows and French doors is produced by Maico and belongs to the new system Multi-matic, provided with a tilt and turn system, drive-gear for semi-fixed panel, scissor stay for controller ventilation (except in case of different indications). The handle is a Secustik type made of a light treated alloy: all elements are fixed by paying attention to crossing at least two sides of the PVC profile and, in the absence of a double PVC panel, the crossing should also include the metal support. All materials are duly packaged with appropriate materials in order to avoid any problem with their handling.
The profiles used are developed, designed and produced by Schuco, a famous German company with a leading position in this industry. The name of this company has always been a synonim for guarantee and quality.
Melissa is a window with 5 chambers and two striker seals.
The excellent thermal insulation properties and, at the same time,the reduced chambers are characteristic of this system.
RAL-tested PVC window system

  • Wall thickness in accordance with RAL-GZ/716 and DIN EN 12608 Class A and B
  • High functional safety thanks to an 8 mm overlap between the panels
  • Reinforcing chambers with optimized sizes for the highest static performances
  • The 18 mm thick glazing bead guarantees a poor thermal loss in the area around the glass border
  • Pre-inserted EPDM India rubber seals with an excellent property to return to their initial position and an excellent permanent elasticity, a 5 mm size of the striker seals allows a soft and easy closure
  • Seals with an innovative structure that guarantees an excellent sealing property even on great surfaces
  • The reduced chambers allow maximum light incidence
  • The unique structure of the fixed frame and the internal edges of the glazing beads’profiles allow an easy cleaning of the window

Air permeability in accordance with DIN EN 12207 Class 4
Watertightness in accordance with DIN EN 12208 Class 9A
Resistance to wind load in accordance with DIN EN 12210 Class C5/B5
Mechanical loading in accordance with DIN EN 13115 Class 4
Load-bearing capacity of safety devices Requirment met